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 What is portfoliocommunities.com?

best stock trading platform Built on award-winning software, portfoliocommunities.com allows you to built your own, free e-portfolio. You have the freedom to create your own portfolio away from the restrictions usually imposed by institutional e-Portfolio systems. Whether you are a professional, student or hobbyist you will find portfoliocommunities.com useful for gathering your resources, showing them off to the world and documenting / reflecting on your progress and development. If you ever decide to leave, you can simply take your whole portfolio with you at any time.


We provide this free service in support of life long learning.  

Portfoliocommunities.com is a  free ePortfolio system for - school - college - university - business - students - professionals  and lifelong learners.

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  • Create a plan of study, a career plan, map your personal development
  • Maintain multiple web-based resumés and portfolios for work, study, and life
  • Showcase your achievements with all sorts of files, photos, blogs and graphics
  • Create media rich portfolios to share with family, friends, employers and instructors
  • how to invest in General Motors shares in India Reflect as part of your learning experience


  • Training and development via skills and competencies demonstrations of staff
  • Built  competency framework using exemplars
  • Collaborative tracking of competencies 
  • Creation of learning plans
  • Integration into a LMS
  • Add or ammend individual development plans
  • Allocate learning to team members
  • View progress against goals
  • View competencies and learning records
  • Social Learning


  • Create portfolio projects as part of your class
  • Help your students prepare and thrive in the digital age
  • Comment on and assess your students' achievements
  • Create your own portfolio, for your class and for your career
  • Explore how portfolios and personal development planning can deliver learning outcomes


  • Individualised demonstration of competencies
  • Tracking and review of professional development plans
  • Screen candidates using real world resumes
  • Leaverage social media to enhance organizational learning

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