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System update

Hello all community members:
Dirk Meyer 1 22 Apr, 1:44 by Dirk Meyer

Updated Terms and Conditions

Hello community members. We have iupdated our t...
Dirk Meyer 1 05 Mar, 18:30 by Dirk Meyer

Email Blocking

Hello Community Members:
Dirk Meyer 1 25 Feb, 11:05 by Dirk Meyer

Community forum posts

Just a reminder that you are invited to create ...
Dirk Meyer 1 23 Feb, 15:00 by Dirk Meyer

ePortfolio California 'Exploring ePortfolio Technologies Series'

We are happy to be presenting at the ePortfolio...
Dirk Meyer 1 20 Feb, 0:20 by Dirk Meyer

Shortcut menu fixed

The 'Shortcuts' menu located in the right colum...
Dirk Meyer 1 26 Nov, 20:44 by Dirk Meyer

Professional Hosting

Dirk Meyer 1 15 Oct, 8:45 by Dirk Meyer

Google Apps working again

We applied the code fix that allows us to once ...
Dirk Meyer 1 02 Oct, 22:10 by Dirk Meyer

Website Encryption

We think security and privacy are a good thing-...
Dirk Meyer 3 05 Sep, 17:54 by Dirk Meyer

Creating a backup copy of your Mahara portfolio

It is always a very good idea to create periodi...
Dirk Meyer 1 20 Aug, 23:23 by Dirk Meyer

Batch creation of student accounts

We know that often the most stressful task of s...
Dirk Meyer 1 14 Aug, 9:50 by Dirk Meyer

Server mirgration s complete

Our eportfolio website is now running out of ou...
Dirk Meyer 1 11 Aug, 15:19 by Dirk Meyer

Occasional Service Interruptions

We are making some changes to our infrastucture...
Dirk Meyer 1 20 Jul, 22:00 by Dirk Meyer

Site closure for maintenance

On July 19, 2011 at 10pm MST the site will clos...
Dirk Meyer 1 19 Jul, 19:32 by Dirk Meyer

Open Scholar Microsite System

There is no one tool that does it all. Knowing ...
Dirk Meyer 1 16 Jul, 22:32 by Dirk Meyer

Mahara Hosting and Management Services

Dirk Meyer 1 13 Jul, 12:48 by Dirk Meyer

The new Mahara is in place

Hello all Community members!
Dirk Meyer 1 26 Jun, 8:46 by Dirk Meyer

Upgrade coming soon

Just a heads up on an upgrade we will be runnin...
Dirk Meyer 1 13 Jun, 20:53 by Dirk Meyer

Creative use of an eportfolio

While browsing the public pages on our free epo...
Dirk Meyer 1 12 Jun, 19:44 by Dirk Meyer

What makes for a great learning tool?

What makes for a great learning tool?
Dirk Meyer 1 12 Jun, 19:10 by Dirk Meyer

The first few month

Dirk Meyer 1 02 Jun, 20:12 by Dirk Meyer

Software upgrade coming soon

We are happy to announce that a new software up...
Dirk Meyer 1 23 May, 14:38 by Dirk Meyer

What does 'free' mean?

Free means free for personal use. We provide yo...
Dirk Meyer 1 17 Apr, 20:15 by Dirk Meyer

More file space

Starting immediately, all accounts will have 1 ...
Dirk Meyer 1 14 Apr, 20:27 by Dirk Meyer

Import portfolio with LEAP zip file

Moving your LEAP2A portfolio export from anothe...
Dirk Meyer 1 07 Apr, 7:30 by Dirk Meyer

Tutorial Videos

I am making some tutorials. They are choppy but...
Dirk Meyer 1 04 Apr, 19:04 by Dirk Meyer

Text Box Resize

To all users:
Dirk Meyer 1 04 Apr, 18:53 by Dirk Meyer
Dirk Meyer