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The question and Answer section of www.portfoliocommunities.com

Question:  I did not receive my confirmation email after signing up for an account. How come?

Answer: If you have checked for it in your spam box and its not there then it's most likely due to the fact that your institution is blocking our email which is portfoliocommunities@gmail.com

Solution: Use an alternate email address. If that does not work, use the contact form or sent us a direct email to portfoliocommunites@gmail.com and request an account. Submit the following: First Name, Last Name, Username Email address. We will set it up for you usually within 12 hours. You will be asked to change your password when logging in for the first time. You should also provide an alternate email address.

University of Calgary users: We are working with the university to unblock the email registration issues you are experiencing.

Question: Is your service reliable?

Answer: We try very hard to provide a relible, quality service. Below is a graphic of our uptime. Every five minutes, a computer checks if our website is up and plots that information on a graph. We expect to reach an average uptime of 99% or better.

Uptime for Portfoliocommunities: Last 30 days

Moving your LEAP2A portfolio export from another compatible system to us is easy.

Once you exported your existing portfolio as a LEAP2A zip file, do the following:

1) Upload your LEAP export file in zip format here.
2) Watch for an email from portfoliocommunities@gmail.com with the account information you need to access your portfolio.

Your portfolio will be at http://www.portfoliocommunities.com

Question: You are providing a free service. Do I have to pay for anything?

Answer: No, you don't have to pay anyhthing. We are providing a free, quality eportfolio service because we believe in the power of life long learning. Too often it seems, learning tools are tied to institutions. When a student leaves, so do the tools, along with the work the student submitted. We want to contribute to changing how people think about life long learning. By providing free eportfolios, we believe we can help make a difference.
Of course, there are costs associated with providing free services. This is why we also offer paid services  at www.icampus21.com.

Many of our users are educators from around the world. Some prefer not to work on a public community site such as www.portfoliocommunities.com or they would like their own institutional mahara installation.
Luckily we can help. We have experience, the means and desire to help others setup and run with their own eportfolio systems. Simply sent us an email at info@icampus21.com to discuss your plans.

Before you make a purchase with us, we'd like you to use the free system for a while to see if it meets your needs. Work a semester or two with it and have your students use it too. Spread the word amongst your staff. It is only after you have worked with the system for a while that you can make a educated decision on whether this is something you want to use or not. The decision to use eportfolios or not is probably a long term decison. We want to make sure that you have the opportunity to test the waters with Mahara.

Should you or your institution choose to use Mahara as your official eportfolio system, then please consider purchasing one or more of our plans. We'd be happy to custom tailor a solution that is right for you. All your portfolio work tranfers seamlessly from the free system to your own.

Question: Is my eportfolio going to be here in 6 month?

Answer: Absolutely! We are motivated to develop and maintain a free eportfolio system that will be there long term. We are thinking in terms of decades rather then years :)
While the future is unpredicatable, the past can be an indication of what will be. We have provided various types of online services for over ten years and we are not getting tired of it. Fifteen years ago we setup a music teacher with a system to which students could submit their practise sheets that would get sorted automatically. She is still using the system!
Bottom Line: We are a motivated and experienced and our intentions are to remain that way for many years to come.

Free means free for personal use. We provide you with a non-restricted, full featured eportfolio system and a files storage allocation of 1 Gigabyte. You can also create groups of up to 20 participants.

Should you need more storage space, several groups or larger groups, then please contact us. In case you need your own institutional account, please contact us also. A institutional account allows you to manage your own users and groups.

We can also provide you with your very own Mahara instance of any size complete with your own domain name.